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Tee Ball & Pinto Programs

It starts with your little ones. The Tee-Ball program is for all children ages 4.8-6 years old (Grades: K-1st), while the Pinto (or coach-pitch) program is for children ages 5.8-8 years old (Grades 1-2). 

Both programs provide your child with basic fundamentals of the game while encouraging hard work and good sportsmanship, combined with working together in a team environment. The goal of these programs is to develop a basic understanding of the game and fine tune your child's skills, all while creating a fun atmosphere and long-lasting friendships.

Fields Utilized:

Tee Ball - Pine Knoll Field & Mapleshade School Softball Field

Pinto - Meadowbrook School Field 

2023 Coordinators:

Tee Ball: Matt Leveille

Pinto: Mike Carney

Tee Ball & Pinto: Welcome
Little League Baseball Game

2021 Pinto and Tee Ball Schedules

Tee Ball & Pinto: About

East Longmeadow Baseball

For the love of the game...

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